Edible Gardens LA

Los Angeles based artisanal candle makers Le Feu De L’Eau, collaborated with Edible Gardens LA, a bespoke gardening service, to create the nourishing new candle fragrance, “African Basil.”

This creative partnership between Le Feu De L’Eau and Edible Gardens LA is the first in a series to bring scents from herbs and plants of the garden into the home. African Basil is native to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia. For this new fragrance, the invigorating scent of African Basil is intertwined with notes of lemon and orange, then balanced with a touch of silver thyme, linden blossom and clove. A base of bayberry leaves and rosewood completes this unique creation.

Wendy Polish, co-founder of Le Feu De L’Eau, commented: “Lauri introduced us to the world of garden fragrances. Our collaboration is a beautiful journey. It has brought our focus back to nature.” Lauri Kranz, organic gardening educator, expert and founder of Edible Gardens LA, shared her insights about the new fragrance: “African Basil is the heart of the garden. It brings the bees who turn the flowers into food, giving us life.”

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