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815 Western Ave #7

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815 Western Ave #7

Glendale, CA 91201

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


What is the candle made of?
The exterior of our candle is a high temperature wax that is formed underwater. We fill every candle with coconut apricot wax.

Will the wax container burn or melt?
The wax container may recede with use. But will never melt at the same rate as the coconut apricot wax inside the vessel.

Why does my wax candle look irregular?
Our Artisanal candles are individually sculpted & hand poured. As with any handcrafted product, slight variances (especially in color) may occur and are a natural part of the “handmade” process.

Should I put my candle on a dish or tray?
Your candle must always be on a heat resistant surface.

What is the wick made of?
We use cotton wicks.

Do you use a mold?
No. Our candles are not made in molds. Water is our mold. We hand mix our eco-friendly dyes and combine it with the wax at the same exact time. We pull the dye and wax under water. The form and coloring of the candle is created with the force of the water. Every candle is one of a kind.

What if my candle starts to release black smoke while it burns?
Please keep your wick trimmed to at least 1/4″ and free of any black debris or flower. Always clean your wick before each use to ensure a clean burn and optimum candle performance.

Is your fragrance 100% natural?
Our fragrance is a combination of fragrance and natural oils.

Tell me more about your products?
Our products have no phthalates, parabens, sulfates, ethenol, mineral oils, petroleum distillates, or preservatives. And cruelty free.

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